Some recent conference presentations/posters:

Using a Neuromorphic System to Understand Fusimotor Drive, Chicago, USA, ISEK 2016.
-Parametric Methods for Identification of Time-Invariant and Time-Varying Joint Stiffness Models, Beijing, China, IFAC SYSID 2015.
-Identification of Ankle Joint Stiffness From Short Segments of Data: Application to Passive Dynamics During Movement, Chicago, USA, EMBC 2014.
-Modelling and Identification of Ankle Joint Biomechanics during Movement and Postural Tasks, Montreal, Canada, Biomechanics Research in Quebec Conference, 2014.
-Subspace Method Decomposition and Identification of the Parallel-Cascade Model of Ankle Joint Stiffness: Theory and Simulation, Osaka, Japan, EMBC 2013.
-Analysis and Modeling of Noise in Biomedical Systems, Osaka, Japan, EMBC 2013.
-Linear Parameter Varying Identification of Ankle Joint Intrinsic Stiffness during Imposed Walking Movements, Osaka, Japan, EMBC 2013.
-A Novel Algorithm for Linear Parameter Varying Identification of Hammerstein Systems with Time-Varying Nonlinearities, Osaka, Japan, EMBC 2013.
-Subspace Identification of Hammerstein Systems Using B-Splines, San Diego, USA, EMBC 2012.
-Identification of Hammerstein Systems from Short Segments of Data: Application to Stretch Reflex Identification, Brussels, Belgium, IFAC SYSID 2012.
-An Iterative Algorithm for the Subspace Identification of SISO Hammerstein Systems, Milan, Italy, IFAC 2011.
-Estimation of the Gain and Threshold of the Stretch Reflex with a Novel Subspace Identification Algorithm, Boston, USA, EMBC 2011.
-An Identification Algorithm for Hammerstein Systems Using Subspace Method, San Francisco, USA, ACC 2011.