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Prof. Francisco Valero-Cuevas
Brain-Body Dynamics Lab
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The Brain-Body Dynamics Lab

Our laboratory is dedicated to understanding the biomechanics, neuromuscular control and clinical rehabilitation of human mobility, with an emphasis on dexterous hand function. Towards this end, we employ a synergy of experimental and theoretical techniques.

Our diverse experimental arsenal ranges from EMG recording and custom-made virtual reality modules, detailed characterization of multifinger structure and function, to mapping the function of the human brain with fMRI. These procedures in turn inform theoretical work to characterize complex sensorimotor function through rigorous and anatomically faithful mathematical models.

While ultimately seeking improved clinical diagnosis and treatment procedures, we emphasize the scientific investigation of the neuromuscular biomechanics of the hand in general, and actively promote the use of this knowledge to improve the design and control of prosthetic and robotic systems.

We hope you have a pleasant time visiting our site. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Please contact Emily Lawrence for webpage design, and Francisco Valero-Cuevas for questions and suggestions about our research.

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