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Prof. Francisco Valero-Cuevas
Brain-Body Dynamics Lab
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Weekly Seminar Series on

Neuroscience & Health

at the University of Southern California

Organized by Francisco Valero-Cuevas

2007-2008 Academic Year here

2008-2009 Academic Year here

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2009-2010 Academic Year


Monday, 4-5 pm

Refreshments will be served from 3.30 to 4 pm.


University Park Campus (UPC): Hedco Neuroscience Building (HNB) 100  map
Health Sciences Campus (HSC): Center for the Health Professions (CHP) 147  map

Webarchived and live webcasts are hosted here

Schedule of Speakers

Fall semester (2009) Spring semester (2010)

Fall semester, 2009

Date Speaker Institution Live Location Title Host Notes
7/16 Robert Riener Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) UPC Rehabilitation Robotics and Multimodal Motor Training Heiko Hoffmann URL
8/31 Terry Sanger University of Southern California UPC Controlling Noise - URL
9/14 Beth Pruitt Stanford University UPC MEMS, mechanobiology & touch Ellis Meng URL
9/28 Hans Forssberg Karolinska Institute HSC Development of fine motor skills in health and disease Francisco Valero-Cuevas URL
10/12 Michael Sherback Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) UPC Prompt yet slower corrections are an optimal adaptation to increased noise in the elderly Evangelos Theodorou URL
10/19 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting - - - - -
10/26 Tishya Wren Childrens' Hospital Los Angeles UPC Gait Analysis and the Patient Care Process Francisco Valero-Cuevas URL
11/16 Brad Sutton University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign UPC Multimodal imaging of the neuromuscular system with magnetic resonance imaging Krishna Nayak URL
11/23 Roger Enoka University of Colorado HSC Unraveling the neurophysiology of muscle fatigue Jason Kutch URL
12/7 Mindy Aisen Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center HSC Research Advances in Cerebral Palsy Carolee Winstein URL

Spring semester, 2010

Date Speaker Institution Live Location Title Host Notes
1/18 Martin Luther King Day - - - - -
1/25 Leonardo Cohen Human Cortical Physiology and Stroke Neurorehabilitation, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, NIH HSC Investigating neural substrates of motor learning with noninvasive cortical stimulation Carolee Winstein, Francisco Valero-Cuevas URL
2/8 Bartlett Mel University of Southern California UPC Adventures in synaptic integration in neocortical pyramidal neurons Internal Speaker URL
2/15 Presidents Day - - - - -
3/1 Mihailo Jovanovic University of Minnesota UPC Design of optimal structured controllers for large-scale interconnected systems Evangelos Theodorou URL
3/15 USC spring break - - - - -
3/22 Robert Scheidt Marquette University HSC Control of limb posture and movement following stroke Nicolas Schweighofer URL
3/29 John Guckenheimer Cornell University RRB Laufer Conference Room

Mixed-mode Oscillations Francisco Valero-Cuevas URL
4/5 Ufuk Topcu California Institute of Technology UPC Model-based verification of complex dynamical systems with applications in engineering and biology Evangelos Theodorou URL
4/19 Neural Control of Movement meeting - - - - -
4/26 Walter Herzog Human Performance Lab, University of Calgary HSC Mechanisms of muscle contraction Kornelia Kulig, Francisco Valero-Cuevas URL
5/10 Chang Liu Northwestern University UPC Biologically Inspired Artificial Haircell Sensors Francisco Valero-Cuevas URL
Jonathan Wolpaw Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health and State University of New York UPC
1 pm
Brain-Computer Interfaces & Reflex Conditioning: New Methods for restoring function Francisco Valero-Cuevas, Carolee Winstein URL
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